At Louisebees it's all about the bees

They kindly produce honey and wax for us.  We make sure we look after them in return.

All the honey comes straight from their hives

and is only lightly filtered. Keeping in all the pollen, enzymes, antioxidants and proteins they add, which makes raw honey so good for us.

Lucky for us bees don't just make one kind of honey

Each hive produces something unique - a melting pot of seasonality and available forage. From oilseed rape in the Spring, through Summer's wildflowers and heather to late Autumn ivy, they're always mixing up something new for us to taste.

Whether you like your honey runny, creamed on your crumpets or crunchy comb on your toast, there's plenty to choose from.

We make products from the bees' wax too. It takes more than 6lbs of honey to make 1lb of wax so we treat it with great respect.

Hand-dipped candles which smell of honey, glow brighter and burn for longer than other waxes. 

Beeswax wraps that keep our food fresh and reduce our plastic usage.

And wildflower seed bombs.  Even planting a little patch will provide habitat and food for the bees to feast on.


We hope people enjoy our bees' products and feel happy doing something positive for the bees and the environment.