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These bees have the best of both worlds - our urban gardens with early spring bulbs, then the Oilseed Rape crop that often fills our fields in May. We harvest this light honey from our strongest hives in late Spring, confident they’ll quickly re-fill their stores.

248gm Wiltshire Bees' Raw Spring Honey

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  • We only coarsely filter the honey so there's a lot of oilseed rape pollen left in. If you hold the jar up to the light you might see the tiny grains suspended in the honey. Good for people looking to build up a tolerance to OSR before the hayfever season starts.


    We don't pasteurise our honey as this also kills good bacteria, enzymes and anti-oxidants. This honey will granulate quickly but can be made runny again by gentle heating.


    Honey is not suitable for children under 18 months.

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