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Moorlands are one of our rare and declining habitats. 10% of the world's coastal moorland is to be found on Exmoor! The wildflowers and plants that grow here provide vital sources of food and shelter for many pollinators.

The colonies here on Exmoor produce a fragrant, multi-floral honey, infused with the all flavours and aromas of this unique landscape.

This honey has remarkable depth with a taste reminiscent of childhood summers.

Exmoor Bees' Raw Summer Honey

  • The honey is harvested and strained to remove any debris. This ensures that all the pollen, propolis and other goodies are all left behind for you to enjoy.


    We don't pasteurise the honey as this kills the good bacteria and enzymes. It also means the honey will granulate over time. If you heat it gently the honey will become runny again.


    Honey is not suitable for infants under 18 months.

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