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Borage is grown in this country for its starflower oil, which has medicinal properties. We place the bees in the midst of the growing fields and then swiftly harvest their honey before they move on to other nectar sources. The blue flowers are a magnet for bees and provide our summertime Pimms with its traditional garnish! The straw-pale honey is so delicate and mild it makes a great choice for sugar substitution and it's a real favourite with children.

West Country Bees' Raw Borage Honey

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  • Our honey is only strained through a filter to remove any debris. This ensures that all the pollen, propolis and other goodies are all left behind for you to enjoy.


    We don't pasteurise the honey as this kills the good bacteria and enzymes. It also means the honey will granulate over time. If you heat it gently the honey will become runny again.


    Honey is not suitable for infants under 18 months.

  • To minimise any stress on the colonies we move them at night, once they are all back home and clustered together . The next morning they get straight out to orientate and forage. We ensure there is always access to water and multiple sources of forage and we regularly check their health. 

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