A selection of 5 of our finest seasonal honeys.  A great way to sample our honeys and find out which one you like best.

Currently our selection is:

110gm Raw Somerset Bees' Spring Honey

110gm Raw Exmoor Bees' Summer Honey

110gm Raw Somerset Bees' Heather Honey

110gm Raw Wiltshire Bees' Spring Honey

110gm Raw Wiltshire Bees' Summer Honey

At some times of the year we harvest special varieties e.g. creamed or ivy, which we might substitute if we think they are so exciting you need to try them!

5 Varieties of Honey Selection Box

  • Once our honey is harvested we strain it through a coarse filter to remove any debris. This ensures that all the pollen, propolis and other goodies are all left behind for you to enjoy.


    We don't pasteurise the honey as this kills the good bacteria and enzymes. It also means the honey will granulate over time. If you heat it gently the honey will become runny again.


    Honey is not suitable for infants under 18 months.