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Somerset Bees' Raw Creamed Honey is a great alternative to runny honey, as it doesn't run out of the bottom of your crumpets!  Super creamy, it stays smooth enough to spread.

To make it we create a 'seed'.  We break down the sugar chains of set honey by bashing it in a pestle and mortar, then mixing it with runny honey and leaving it to set. This helps to keep the crystals small so it stays softer for longer.  From this 'seed' we can make up larger quantities.  

It's made with mainly Spring honey but with some Summer thrown in too, so the colour sways between nearly white and golden brown. 


Somerset Bees' Raw Soft Creamed Honey

  • Our honey is only strained through a filter to remove any debris. This ensures that all the pollen, propolis and other goodies are all left behind for you to enjoy.

    We don't pasteurise the honey as this kills the good bacteria and enzymes. It also means the honey will granulate over time. If you heat it gently the honey will become runny again.

    Honey is not suitable for infants under 18 months.

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